About Us.

KUM KUM GALLERY was started in 2005 with a vision to foster global recognition for Tanjore Paintings,hence reviving the most unique and ancient artform of South India showcasing our rich cultural heritage.This artform has been derived from India’s spirituality and religious culture.

By promoting this unique Indian art craft and culture, we support and empower several traditional Tanjore Painting artists and artisans, thereby ensuring their economic and social well-being.

Our Paintings ever since continue adoring the walls of several commercial and residential places.Ultimately ,Tanjore paintings are placed for Vaastu purposes and are believed to usher in prosperity and luck.
Tanjore Paintingsas the name indicates originated from Thanjavur in southern state of India. Tanjore paintings is a beautiful, ancient, and miniature type of paintings. The origin of Tanjore painting dates back to the Nayak & the Maratha rule in the 16th century. Tanjore Paintings are known for their surface richness, vivid colours and compact composition and are well sought after.

Our Team:Tanjore Paintings are created by our team of dedicated and professional artisans whose ancestors mastered the techniques of Tanjore Paintings.Each of them are 15- 30 years experienced in this field.
Our products:We create traditional and contemporary styles according to the taste of our different clients. Though modern techniques are being used nowadays,our paintings are created by using the ancient and original methods only, which involve several stages of intricate,meticulous and time consuming hardwork. We guarantee originality and customer satisfaction as every piece created by our artisans are unique with stunning beauty.
Each picture is splendid and unique at its final finish. The faces and figures in all our paintings are more natural,graceful and expressive to compliment the decorative work done in pure 22 carat gold foils and high quality semi-precious stones.

We create:
1]Traditional Tanjore paintings
2]Antique finish Tanjore paintings
3]Ravi varma paintings in tanjore style
4] Customised paintings
5]Oil on canvas
6]Portrait paintings