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History of Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore Paintings- as the name indiactes originated from Thanjavur in Southern State of India.Tanjore Paintings is a beautiful,ancient and miniature type of paintings.The origin of Tanjore Paintings dates back to the Nayak & Maratha rule in 16th century. Tanjore Paintings are known for their surface richness,vivid colours and compact composition.

With its shimmering gold foil and intricate designs, this traditional style brings Hindu gods, goddesses, and mythology to life. Each Tanjore painting is a true masterpiece, taking weeks or months to create with a combination of base preparation, gold leaf application, embossing.

They are typically placed in homes, temples, and other religious institutions as a form of decoration and religious devotion. In homes, they are often displayed in living rooms, bedrooms, or puja rooms as a symbol of wealth, culture, and religious faith. In temples, they are displayed as part of the temple's decor.

They are believed to bring Good Luck and Auspiciousness into the place they are adorned.


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